Kruger cares about our access to health care


From: Melissa Richards



I want to say that Southeast Minnesota deserves an even stronger voice for health care in the Minnesota Senate. Senator Miller has supported some emergency legislation to provide quicker access to insulin and other emergency medical devices, but that is not enough right now.

Many Americans are just beginning to understand the magnitude of our health care crisis in very personal terms due to COVID-19. Miller and his party need to stop their vendetta against the Affordable Care Act simply because President Obama initiated it. That law provides a basic safety net and a protection for those with preexisting conditions. It’s not perfect, but I am concerned to think what the GOP (including Miller) will replace it with, when it appears their only goal to date has been to obstruct anything accomplished by President Obama and fawn over the current president. Health care reform is needed. It is too important to be born out of anyone’s political revenge.   

I am voting for Sarah Kruger because she is willing to fight harder to improve the access and quality of our health care in Minnesota. Vote Kruger.


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