Miller misleads on LGBTQ community support


From: Adrienne Sweeney


At a recent forum held by the League of Women Voters, Senator Jeremy Miller was asked about his support for the LGBTQ community in our state. His response that “we should treat everyone equally and fairly” is beyond misleading. In 2013, Senator Miller voted against the bill authorizing same-sex marriage. More recently, he voted against a state-wide ban on conversion therapy — a highly controversial practice denounced by every federal and state medical association, condemned by Pope Francis, banned in more than 20 states, and classified as torture by the United Nations.

We need leaders with a strong moral compass who do what is right — even when it’s the hard decision to make. We need leaders who truly believe that all Minnesotans are equal and deserve to be treated as such. And perhaps more importantly, we deserve leaders who do not misrepresent their previous records to jump on a bandwagon. We need leaders like Sarah Kruger.


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