I’ll vote for Miller with my brain and wallet


From: James Erickson



Hello to all the voters of Winona. Unless you have been hibernating with Joe Biden in his basement, you would notice all the letters to the Post by people in education supporting Sarah Kruger.

Teachers, professors, and some students, hoping to “scam” a better grade from their teachers union, have extolled her virtues while piling on Jeremy Miller.

Miss Kruger may be a great lady and teacher but, if elected, will fall in with the teachers union and their Democrat “cronies.” Miss Kruger will be manipulated into voting for higher taxes, increased personal and business regulations, reining in charter schools, dismantling our police and going after our firearms.

Senator Miller and the Republicans have stopped Governor Walz and insane tax increases, protected our firearm right, stood up for the police and stopped ridiculous business regulations.

The powerful teachers union disguised as “Education Minnesota” has for too long held this state hostage with their cries “more money for education” and then the majority of the money is spent on teachers’ salaries with pitiful education results.

I will vote with my brain and wallet for Senator Miller. “This is what you need to know.”


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