Recipe to take down the president


From: Leonard Schultz

Fountain City


I am extremely independent. The last four years are making it very hard to remain so.

Even before our president took office, plans were under way to impeach.

The economy was booming; during such times a sitting president usually wins re-election. Its been decided by the opposition this has to stop; what to do?

Along comes the “virus.” If done right this should take down the president. Blame the president, not China.

Now a good plan to reduce the president’s chances for re-election:

1. Scare the population, force them to wear masks, quarantine.

2. Count the number of dead every minute in all media.

3. Close businesses — over 30 million unemployed instantly.

4. Close parks, bars, gyms, restaurants, and sports.

5. No dating, isolate people.

6. Create hatred and civil unrest.

7. Empty the prisons.

8. Have rioters vandalize and steal.

9. Attack law enforcement and tell government to stand down.

10. Blame the president.

Finally, the president made his nomination to the Supreme Court. Democrats won’t be able to find an accuser of sexual harassment. So,  attack her beliefs. They would come at her for not going along with their policy of killing the unborn.


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