Kruger respects America’s democratic republic


From: John Campbell



There are many reasons to support Kruger for state senator instead of Miller. She, unlike Miller, is not a fan of President Donald Trump. For almost four years we have listened to Trump make all sorts of unpresidential, frightening, vulgar, racist, immoral, and unconstitutional statements. Most recently, he has said repeatedly, that he would not support a peaceful transition of the presidency if he loses.

That is to say, he would presumably support violent disruptions instead, if such violence meant he could keep his job.

What did Miller say about this outrageous unconstitutional and un-American statement promoting violence? Nothing. He has never repudiated publicly anything said or done by Trump. So, he must be a big fan of Trump. Who knows, maybe he has photographs of himself and Trump plastered around his legislative office.

Does Miller not favor a peaceful transition if Biden wins? Will Miller also encourage Republican thugs in southeastern Minnesota to be out on and after November 3, deliberately disrupting voting and the counting of votes? These questions suggests that Miller is no longer fit to be an elected official in Minnesota.

Vote for Kruger. She respects the way America’s democratic republic is supposed to work.


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