Vikes 23, Falcons 40


by Bernie Mayzek 


We sure didn’t get it together this day

A big loss we had, they made us pay

The only bright spot in this game

Was Justin Jefferson, that’s his name


He’s our rookie, who knows how to play

Two TDs, nine receptions, 166 yards, great I would say

Some bad play calls and having Cook out

We weren’t in for a win, there’s no doubt


Thielen had a touchdown, making it three

But that didn’t help, as you can see

They had Julio Jones, he does just great

The Atlantic Falcons got to celebrate


On our team, Cousins threw three interceptions, bad

He didn’t play good, wasn’t the only one, sad

Next week our team will have a bye

Getting ready for the next game, we sure will try


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