Drive safe this winter


From: Patrick Byron



As sure as the sun rises and sets, the rigors of winter weather will soon be a daily part of our lives.

For those of you who need a gentle reminder (and those that need  instruction) a few items to consider.


Pages 18-20 in the Minnesota Drivers Manual states the following;

a. Lights need to be on by sunset each day or earlier if visibility is hampered.

b. Check to make sure your windshield is clear (not some porthole-type viewing area.)

c. Clear your headlights and taillights of snow and ice.

d. Use your turn signals.

e. Tailgating in winter is unsafe and unwise.

f.  Slow down … the Indy 500 is next spring.


A recent chat with Mn/DOT staff in Rochester stated that the biggest complaint that comes their way are drivers not turning their lights on when conditions warrant. Yes, you may see the road, but can other motorists see you? For example, consider a dark vehicle with black pavement and decreasing light.

Over the past 55 years, I believe that 85-90 percent of motorists are safe and conscientious drivers. The remainder has a driving IQ that is close to their shoe size.

This year has provided enough stress … winter driving should not add to it.

Be safe Minnesota, and mask up!


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