Hagedorn’s disingenuous election claims


From: Debbie Sheets



Our area’s representative in congress is Jim Hagedorn, who signed onto a lawsuit brought by the Texas Attorney General, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, so that the Trump administration could continue in the White House. This frivolous suit was promptly and unanimously denied, but the issue remains that our congressperson was one of 126 House lawmakers who signed onto this nonsense and then explained it away in righteous terms when constituents wrote to him to protest his taking this action. His contention was that he was concerned about voting rules not being followed, yet the only states he cared about were the four mentioned above, the four that decided the presidential election in the electoral college — no righteous concern about any other states whose rules might not have been followed.

This righteousness is disingenuous. If lawmakers care about voting laws in the morally upright way Hagedorn would have us believe, they would want all states to make it easy to vote, safe to vote, would want everyone to vote, and all votes to count — not just the ones for his candidate.

We have a real problem folks. We have a congressperson who would lie to us and who wanted the will of the people in four other states to be violated. In two years, let’s fire him and hire someone with integrity.


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