We can do better than alternate side parking


From: Daryl Lanz



I read with interest the article on possible alternatives to our current system of alternate side parking (ASP), particularly since I was the one who submitted the question to the League of Women Voters mayoral/city council forum this fall (referenced in the final paragraph). I’d like to address a couple of points. Despite Brian DeFrang’s comments, my experience has shown me that using ASP absolutely does not make plowing the streets more efficient or quicker. And how many of you have parked on the “correct” side of the street only to find your car plowed in the next morning? Police Chief Tom Williams also claims that it’s not a “cash cow” for the department; the article states that all parking fines amount for only 0.15 percent of the city’s budget. That being the case, eliminating these ASP fines shouldn’t affect the city in any way. And it would free up those officers and staff that Williams says it’s more trouble than it’s worth to work on ASP. Meanwhile those $25 tickets add up and can be a hardship for Winona residents. And the burden of those ASP tickets fall unfairly on those least able to afford it, mostly renters and some homeowners who don’t have access to garages or off-street parking. Many other cities in the area have similar parking rules, as Chris Rogers pointed out in the article. Although I saw recently that La Crosse has suspended giving out parking tickets until there’s an actual snowfall. I’m hoping Winona can come up with a more equitable and efficient system.


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