When govts. ignore what people want


From: John Rupkey


Bipartisanship means passing legislation a variety of American people want. But Republican Congresspersons won’t help make Biden more popular by voting for legislation the people like.   

Georgia Republicans are trying to show how to vote against what most people like and still stay in power. They eliminate voters who don’t like them, and thinly veil it as preventing the voter fraud that exists inside their imaginations. 

Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, excluding those that Republicans don’t like. This feeble attempt to destroy American democracy harms only them.   

The Republican Party is shrinking because there is a shrinking number of Americans who are racist, homophobic, transphobic, hate immigrants, love the NRA, support small government that stays out of the private lives of its citizens except for pregnant women, rejecting science, or worshipping their holy investment portfolios. 

“Be kind and compassionate to one another,” from Ephesians 4:32.

Be independent.


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