Southern Minn. deserves better than Hagedorn


From: Margaret Schild



Here are the lessons I learned when I tried to participate in an April 8 phone in town hall meeting sponsored by Republican Jim Hagedorn:

• Hagedorn seems to believe to that there was fraud in the 2020 elections, ignoring rulings by state and federal courts. Oddly enough, Hagedorn sees nothing to question about the election that put him in office.

• Hagedorn doesn’t believe in climate change, saying the climate has been changing since biblical times and that there’s nothing we can do to about it. Obviously, Hagedorn doesn’t believe the reams of research stating that climate change is real, caused by human beings and could be mitigated by steps outlined by responsible scientists.

• Hagedorn blames China for the coronavirus, saying nothing about Donald Trump’s depriving the American people of information about the virus and saying nothing about Trump’s complete failure to formulate a national strategy to protect us from a pandemic that has taken 550,000 American lives.

• Hagedorn says everyone should be treated the same regardless of the color of their skin, which would be true in a perfect world. But that hasn’t been the case since the first enslaved Africans were brought here 400 years ago. Hagedorn made this statement after he was asked about reparations for minority farmers. Something he does not support.

Worse even than his willful rejection of facts, is the way Hagedorn manipulated participation. I told the Hagedorn staffer that I supported President Biden’s statement on the need for gun control and wanted to know Hagedorn’s stance on that issue. Even though I called in early, I never got a chance to state my opinion and ask my question. Thus Hagedorn never had to explain why he supports gun policies that contribute to the U.S. having far more gun deaths than any other wealthy country in the world.

In short, what I learned from and about Republican Jim Hagedorn is that he ignores science, courts or facts he dislikes and that he’s not willing to listen to citizens who disagree with him on policy issues. Citizens deserve far better than we’re getting from Jim Hagedorn.


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