Gun protection: A waste of our time, money, and lives


From: Sandy and Craig Brooks

Buffalo City


County boards and the state legislature in Wisconsin and other states have been considering laws and/or resolutions declaring them to be a Second Amendment Preservation jurisdiction.

This effort states their opposition to any regulation of firearms and ammunition and explicitly opposes background checks and red flag laws. This effort is reckless in the extreme. It (A) undermines the rule of law and puts the jurisdiction in opposition to our Constitution, Supreme Court, and federal and state laws - potentially exposing tax payers to expensive lawsuits; (B) severely limits our ability to prevent gun violence in our communities; and, (C) ignores the democratic will of the majority of citizens, who overwhelmingly support measures like background checks and red flag laws.

Just as importantly, this effort is a waste of time and taxpayer resources. There are more guns than people in the U.S. and we have more than double the per capita number of firearms than the next closest country. The Second Amendment is already well protected by our Constitution and in numerous Supreme Court rulings. Meanwhile, counties and states have been struggling through the coronavirus pandemic. Our citizens need meaningful action to address a host of critical issues during this challenging time. Additionally, this effort is highly partisan in nature and is being pushed by extreme right wing groups. Our elected officials should be spending their time and our tax dollars on efforts to improve citizen’s lives, not this wasteful, unlawful, and partisan effort.

Let’s all tell our state and county elected officials what we think of them spending time on this.


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