Secure elections don’t restrict voting rights


From: Ron Knappen



Certain liberals such as in the Biden administration are using deceptive terminology to pull the wool over your eyes. They are calling good “bad” and bad “good.” One example are the words of “civil rights.” They’re arguing that to require in-person voting and photo ID and refusing mail-ins will deny your right to vote (your civil rights violated).

Mail-in voting and lessening the regulations on voter ID are fertile ground for cheaters. This would aid in keeping one party in power without competition. Never again a conservative government. It’s difficult to believe that even honest liberals would want this imbalance.

Get over to the voting booth and vote. Nobody is refusing your right to do so, no matter what color.


Editor’s note: The Trump administration’s Department of Justice found there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.


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