Quiet reverence


From: Gayle Goetzman-Stolpa



During these past two weeks, I’ve attended the life celebrations of four honorable men. Bill Hall Jr. and Ken Nelson, who were high school class of 1957, classmates; and friends Nick Deones and Doyl Wait.

All lived their lives worthy of respect and affection by their families, friends, and country.

There were no marches, shouting insults, riots, ridicule or property damage.

We honored these men with quiet reverence, with feelings of great respect and perhaps with awe and affection for the respectful character they lived that placed them worthy of our honor. When asked to say a few words, we just bowed our heads in silent reverence before prayers were said. No outrageous behavior exhibited. Just our grateful presence in recognition of outstanding lives well lived. May they rest In peace! At life’s end, people need to know they matter and were loved.

My purpose for this writing is the same as it was the day I spoke during our 50th class reunion.

Using these words of encouragement from Mother Teresa who tells us to be kind, honest, sincere, happy and forgiving despite what others may say or do to offend us, be kind anyway. Tell or show your kindness. Let every person you love know you recognize, accept, and value them. Make a phone call, send a note or text telling them how important they are in your life. Show them mercy and respectful regard so eventually we will all R.I.P. 


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