Cowed by Trump or showing true colors?


From: Debbie Sheets



I have been hearing a lot of news pundits talking about Republican party members being afraid to stand up to Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election being fraudulent, saying or implying that they worry about being targeted by him and his supporters. Well, maybe some of that is true, but given that the numbers of people still following his every word has dropped considerably (he shut down his blog in under 30 days, reportedly due to low readership), maybe what’s really going on is the racism in the Republican party finally has “cover” to flourish in.

The news can be that Republicans are good folks afraid of Trump — and are being cowards in the process — when in reality, all their racist energy has finally bubbled out and is now on full display in the multitude of voter suppression laws being passed and the support for bogus audits of the past election which serve to undermine voter confidence more than anything else. And Republicans can do all that while only looking like cowards, instead of the intentional, methodical, malicious action that it really is.


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