Keeping the faith


From: Bill Steidtmann

C: Do you have faith in Christ Jesus as your Saviour?

P: Yes, I do.

C: Why are you so sure?

P: Because I made a decision for Christ.

C: I didn't know He was having trouble making them.

P: I repented. I received. I believed. That's the plan of salvation.

C: I thought the plan of salvation was that Jesus would die for the sins of all mankind, be buried, and then rise to life again.

P: No, that's the basis of salvation. The plan of salvation is to do the things I am doing.

C: Sounds like a lot of work.

P: I'm very focused.

C: I want you to know that God will eventually save everyone via Christ's work.

P: You're trying to trick me.

C: I'm just making an announcement. Many people have never heard news this good.

P: That's heresy, and if I believe what you say, I'll become lax, and I'll go to hell, forever.

C: Are you sure that lax feeling isn't the peace that comes from having faith in Christ?

P: I refuse to believe that Christ will save everyone.

C: How do you know He will save you, if He doesn't save everyone?

P: Because I made a decision for Christ.

C: You used your free will?

P: Yes, God doesn't want robots.

C: I thought He wanted clay.

P: He doesn't violate our free will.

C: What about Romans 9:16 where it says "it is not of him that willeth"?

P: Are you trying to make me into a Calvinist?

C: I certainly hope not.

P: Good, because I refuse to believe that God elects some and not others. He leaves it up to each individual what to do with His offer. I accepted the offer.

C: God gives everyone this chance?

P: Yes.

C: What about Native Americans? The ones who died right before the missionaries arrived.

P: I guess they went to hell.

C: God did everything He could?

P: God works in mysterious ways.

C: Indeed. Well, you must be very proud of your decision.

P: I am. And there's still time for you. You have a chance to put your faith in Jesus.

C: I do have faith in Jesus.

P: You have a false sense of security because you think God will save everyone. You need to believe in Jesus.

C: I do believe in Jesus. The difference is I believe that Christ's faith saves me, whereas you believe that your faith saves you. You have become your own saviour.

P: You're just trying to deceive me.

C: If I was doing that I would lead you away from Christ, not towards Him.

P: Well, I'm keeping my faith no matter what you say.


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