What kind of peace?


From: Ron Schloegel

Lewiston, Minn.

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said "peace is patriotic." They are right, everybody wants peace. I wonder whose version of peace do they want?

As an example, Christians profess to love one another and to tolerate others. Islam, depending on how it is interpreted (it can be interpreted several different ways), promotes the aggressive spread of Islam throughout the world. Islam is a man's religion. Men are allowed multiple wives, with women being completely subservient to men. Women aren't allowed education, jobs, or to vote. This is their idea of peace!

According to some, the Quaran (Islam's bible) says Muslims can kidnap, torture and kill in the name of Islam with no repercussions in the afterlife. That's their idea of peace! Furthermore, if a man dies while killing infidels (non-Muslims), he is promised unlimited alcohol and virgins in the afterlife. So when they bomb our embassies and ships, drive car bombs or hijack our planes, they believe they are doing what Muhammad (author of the Quaran) says. If the infidels won't switch, then kill them. That's their version of peace!

Whereas the U.S.-led coalition is fighting in Iraq and Saddam Hussein is a terrorist, we are really fighting a religious sect that knows that if democracy gets established in the Middle East their religious beliefs will be much harder to spread. They have been at war against us for several years, but the previous administration didn't do anything about it. I'm glad this administration is doing something about this obvious threat to our country and our way of life.


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