Merry Christmas to you


by Frances Edstrom

Now it feels like Christmas. As I write, the sleet has turned to snow, making the world a quiet place, sounds muffled by the swirling white stuff. The dog, after going out to bark at the snow (it must be some sort of intruder!) is now napping.

Daughter Morgan, who appeared over the weekend, is taking care of last minute shopping for me. She also has put up the tree, decorated it and the rest of the house, all in the blink of an eye. And, no Fran snapping at John or vice versa. And as an added bonus, when she took out a string of lights from the storage box, entwined in the wires was an old pair of my reading glasses. Merry Christmas!

About the only thing I've done is wrapped gifts. Until Morgan came, I was using the only paper I could find, which was rather rude, but not X-rated. I got it as a gag gift at the office Christmas party. I'm hoping Grandma's eyesight doesn't allow her to see exactly what is on the paper.

Wednesday, we have our stocking party at the office. All the full-timers have individualized stockings hung outside the conference room. During December, we stuff things into the stockings "” candy, ornaments, strange little gewgaws "” and then sit around at the end of a day eating, drinking and opening stockings. It's a nice way to take a breather during our busiest, most stressful time of year.

Wednesday night, Cassidy will drive down from St. Paul, bringing Morgan's husband, Dan, from the airport. He's been at a business meeting in New York, and also took the opportunity to visit his folks in New Jersey.

I'm busy planning menus that are easy and at the same time wonderful. I also have to remember where we stowed the Trivial Pursuit game, seek out the Christmas CDs and think of a way to get the girls to help me sort old photos that are stored loose in a drawer in the kitchen.

All this family warmth and anticipation reminds me of how fortunate I am, especially when I read about wars and other devastation that is disrupting or destroying families in other parts of the country and world.

But right here in lovely Minnesota, U.S.A., we have to contend with forces bent on disrupting our holiday festivities. I mean isn't every Sunday from August to January enough for the NFL? Now we have to have football on Christmas Eve? Local pastors have probably already begun praying that the game won't go into overtime.

We at the Winona Post wish you a very Merry Christmas and warm moments with family near and far.


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