Who is Bernie Sanders?


From: John Webster

Several months ago a political poll showed over 40 percent of people in the U.S. had never heard of Bernie Sanders, candidate for president. Since then, Bernie has continued to attract large crowds to his rallies all around the country. Yet even today, due largely to the lack of coverage by the mainline media, many voters do not know who Bernie is or what he is saying about important issues.

Bernie Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont who is running for president on the Democratic ticket. He is gaining the support of many senior citizens as he pledges to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare as well as protecting pensions.


Many young people are also supporting Bernie as he proposes free tuition for students who are attending public colleges and universities. If Germany and other countries can provide free college tuition for their students, why can’t the United States?

Numerous veterans support Bernie as he has done much as a member of Congress to help them. Bernie has a 100 percent rating on voting for veterans’ benefits. Sanders has said, “If we are willing to spend billions to fight wars, we had better be willing to spend billions to support the veterans when they return home.”

Bernie is proposing a “single-payer health care plan” that will cover all Americans at less cost than most people are paying now. People of all ages will reap the benefits of “single-payer, everyone-covered” health care.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president is a strong grassroots movement supported by middle class Americans of all ages, not by billionaires trying to buy elections. Sanders has said, “This campaign is not only about me, it is most of all about you. You are the ones who must be the ‘revolution’ that will move the wealth and power from the top one percent to all of us.”

Let’s join together with Bernie Sanders to be the “revolution” that will help to change the United States and the world so that all people can live together within a sustainable environment for generations to come.

More information about Bernie can be found at berniesanders.com.


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