A clean sweep of Republicans out of office


From: Michael Bowler

Resurgent CV-19, racism, corruption, Russian election-meddling and violence are all connected to the worst U.S. President ever, so we not only need the experienced leadership of Joe Biden in January, but we must unite behind Winona County DFL candidates now! Nothing less than a clean sweep of Republicans will do.

We need Joe Biden’s expertise and empathy with pandemics, easing tension from violent racism, and in national security. Negligent, incompetent, and dishonest Trump badly botched the preparation, stay-at-home restrictions, gradual and careful reopening, and now has surrendered to holding super-spreader rallies. 128,000 Americans are already dead while European and East Asian death rates approach zero.     

Dan Feehan, an honorable veteran and schoolteacher, will work for us in the U.S. Congress in contrast to our current Congressman who represents Trump, not us. Sarah Kruger, our next Minnesota state senator, not only will wear a mask and support Stay Safe Minnesota initiatives, but also will improve our education and health care. Her predecessor has increasingly engaged in partisan, anti-science antics to politicize wearing a mask and whined about Stay Safe Minnesota guidelines at every step. We need to work now for a clean sweep of failed Trump Republican leadership in November.


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