Leadership needed


From: Mike Kennedy


In our community and nation today, people providing true leadership are desperately needed. Those listening to conversations and asking questions to understand, can then provide direction based on the aspirations and values of all citizens. It takes a high level of desire and intestinal fortitude to enter or stay in the political realm of any community today. Keeping your head above water and your ear to the ground while holding true to your values and promise to uphold the oath of your elected position requires the skill to lead, not just follow.

In the elections on August 11 and November 3, please VOTE for leaders that:

• Respect the rights of all, understanding the humanity of people striving to survive this pandemic

• Want Winona to grow cautiously while considering the health and safety of all

• Appreciate and respect the history of our city

• Want to bring us together discussing a future that exists in the hearts of the people resulting in the quality of life we all deserve.

I believe these candidates possess the above qualities:

Mayor of Winona – Scott Sherman

State Senator – Sarah Kruger

City Council — Paul Schollmeier, Pamela Eyden, Steve Young

County Board – Greg Olson


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