Kruger believes that Black Lives Matter


From: Nyabang Diang



Do Black Lives Matter to Senator Jeremy Miller? I haven’t heard him say they do. It’s not as if he hasn’t had an opportunity to speak up. As a young Black woman and a refugee from South Sudan, this is an issue that I live and breathe every moment. I don’t have Miller’s privilege of stepping away from it. It is exactly the people in power, like Miller, that need to be speaking up. Miller is not only our current senator; he is the senate president. Did we intend to elect a follower or a leader? If Miller doesn’t have the gumption to speak for what’s right, Sarah Kruger does. Kruger’s approach to the Black Lives Matter movement is to bring people together through meaningful conversation to improve policy, not to divide them by hiding under failed party positions. Kruger truly cares about creating lasting change that takes everyone’s voice and perspective into account. She listens to all sides without judgment. She strives to unite people to find common ground, and at this difficult time, that’s no small task. This is why I’m voting for Sarah Kruger in November. 


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