Education Minnesota endorses Sarah Kruger


From: Michael Himlie 


As a paraprofessional educator, I welcome the thought of a sensible, practical, well-informed, and determined young woman running for the Minnesota State Senate 28 seat. Her name is Sarah Kruger. Let me share with you why you owe it to yourself, your children, and your grandchildren to vote for Sarah. 

Sarah is running against incumbent Senator Jeremy Miller. Miller has become a disappointment. He first won our vote on his bipartisan “purple” promises. Then he showed us his true partisan colors. He says he fights for us, but his votes say something else. Miller votes like we don’t exist. 

Our future depends on the next generation. The only way our children and grandchildren can make this world a better place is through leadership that fights for their right to a thriving education. We must have someone who will listen to all of us. Sarah Kruger will do that.

Miller had previously received Education Minnesota’s endorsement. Its membership of hardworking teachers saw that broken promises do nothing for our children and their education. Education Minnesota is now endorsing Sarah Kruger! This is a sign for us to wake up and vote for the same change, for the betterment of us all. 


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