Miller’s priorities


From: Regina Chihak

La Crescent


Recently, I received mail from Jeremy Miller telling me things he had done and asking for my vote. Why he was taking the time to connect with me when I hadn’t seen or heard from him in four years? I don’t recall any town halls in La Crescent, summaries of his legislative activities or a letter asking for my input. What does he do with his time?

Apparently, he does have time to visit the President.

He was at the White House on January 28 of this year to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu who has been under investigation since 2016 for corruption charges (instead of attending a Fillmore County Commissioners’ meeting to hear the county’s priorities for the legislative session). In November 2019, the Prime Minister was indicted on breach of trust, bribery and fraud. Mr. Miller called this opportunity a “historic day.” He chose an accused criminal over his own constituents.

December 2020 found Mr. Miller on another junket to the White House while Trump was under impeachment hearings. How does that represent us in St. Paul? These trips seem to be more about Mr. Miller’s personal political aspirations than working for his constituents.


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