As a college student, I support Sarah Kruger


From: Kendra Swenson



I’m a senior at WSU. I will graduate in May, and I am scared about my future. I work hard in school, and I work hard to pay for it. I have two jobs, averaging 25 hours a week, and I’m going to school full-time. This still leaves me with a $35,000 debt on graduation day. I am not alone.

In the past 20 years, the cost of tuition has risen over $11,000 for public four-year institutions, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The debt that I, and many others, are wrestling with is the result of Miller and other GOP legislators’ lack of leadership and their failure to honor their own promise to fund two-thirds of the costs of higher education. Miller and others will say they’re spending more, even though it has not kept pace with the number of students in the system.

Miller also claims credit for capital projects at Winona State. But what good are buildings like Education Village when we can’t afford to enroll?

That’s why I am supporting Sarah Kruger in November. I know she will advocate for me and my fellow students. She will work for affordable and accessible higher education.


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