I hope you will join me in supporting Sarah Kruger for Senate


From: Clare Bath



I am a senior attending Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. I may be too optimistic in believing that all political perspectives are rooted in compassion, but getting to know Sarah Kruger and what she stands for has reinforced this belief.   

I think political perspectives come from a person’s genuine love for their community. Sarah has proven to me that her love of community can be expressed through public service. She has proven her commitment when hate and prejudice have unfortunately found a safe place to prosper in Minnesota politics.

As Jeremy Miller enjoys his own prosperity of power, I am afraid he is unconcerned about the callous world my generation will inherit. Until the time comes for my generation to serve, my hope lies with candidates like Sarah Kruger who intend to truly prioritize education, affordable health care, and the environment. All of these issues directly support her intention to express compassion and love for her neighbors, rather than satisfy the political institutions that selfishly serve corporate America. I will be voting for Sarah Kruger as a testament to my generation’s future, and I hope that you will join me.


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