Par for the course


From: Terry Olson



The recent actions by our current state senator clearly illustrates why he should not be reelected. Recently Jeremy Miller boldly proclaimed that he has been doing the right thing for his constituents in a letter to the editor. But then on Friday, when he was supposed to be in St. Paul to tackle the problems we face because of the COVID-19 crisis, he instead joined with his colleagues in contributing to the stalemate that is preventing help getting to his constituents. They tried to stymie the governor and when they failed they rejected one of his aides. No help for constituents.

Bold here at home, a tower of jelly in St. Paul. Par for the course.

If Sarah Kruger were our state senator she would work to take positive action to deliver a much-needed stimulus to her constituents, not engage in children’s games to try to get back at the governor.

Sarah Kruger will be a tower of strength both here in our district and in St. Paul as our state senator.

Vote for Sarah Kruger for our state Senate.


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