Sen. Miller’s record on supporting working families


From: Bryan Van Gorp


In Houston County, where I live, the hourly wage needed to meet the cost of living for a couple (with a spouse working part-time) with one child is $15.92. More than 20 percent of our workforce earns less than that (DEED 2020). This is inadequate even when we’re not in a pandemic.    

If a person is willing and able to work full-time, that person should be able to support themselves and their family without relying on charity. Frontline workers deserve to make a living wage. These are the hardest workers in the state, and they need politicians who will stick up for them. Senator Miller hasn’t done a thing to help.     

Miller likes cheap labor. He voted against raising the minimum wage in 2013 and again in 2014. Those exact same years, he voted against stopping legislators from setting their own salaries. In 2017, he sponsored a bill to prohibit local governments from setting their own local minimum wage and paid sick leave laws. As a lawmaker, not only does he not take action in favor of working families, his record shows that he takes direct action against them. Miller’s hypocrisy is why I’m voting for Sarah Kruger for Senate.


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