Sarah Kruger will fight for us


From: Jeff Singer

Retired detention deputy


I proudly support Sarah Kruger for Senate. I served as a detention deputy in the Winona County Jail for over 28 years. We must provide adequate and humane conditions for those interned. It’s not just inmates who face out-of-code conditions, but jailers are at risk, too.   

Last February, Senator Miller introduced a Senate companion bill to Representative Pelowski’s bill in the House meant for funding allocated to the Winona County Jail. That bill was referred to a committee on which Senator Miller sits — where it died. The project could have been included for consideration in the bonding bill but wasn’t.

I can’t support Senator Miller. We tried to get him on board with our concerns, and we only got excuses and half-measures. Miller could have followed Rep. Pelowski’s lead in the House to fight for jail funding in the Senate. Miller chose not to fight for us.

Miller doesn’t even support some of his own bills, so what should voters believe? What I learned is that Miller knows how to make excuses. I am supporting Sarah Kruger because I believe that she will fight for us. We need strong and honest representation for our communities.


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