Vote as if your health care depends on it


From: Terry Olson



There is a very strong possibility the  ACA will be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Medicare recipients will face higher costs for preventive care and prescriptions. Medicare premiums will go up significantly as ACA cost controls will be eliminated. Medicare supplement and Advantage plans will have rising costs resulting in higher premiums, deductibles and copays. Medicare Advantage networks may shrink, offering fewer choices.

Minnesotans who obtain their health insurance through MNSure will face significantly higher premiums as subsidies will no longer be offered. There will no longer be protections for those who have preexisting conditions.

While we can’t block the Supreme Court we can preempt the Republicans from inflicting further damage. We can elect Feehan for Congress in CD1, Smith to the U.S. Senate., and for State Senate we can elect Sarah Kruger.

All three of their opponents support the attack on the ACA by the Court. Our current State Senator has opposed expanding MNSure.

In Washington Feehan and Smith will work to protect Medicare and keep costs reasonable. Kruger will work with Walz to protect access to reasonably priced health insurance.

Vote as if your access to affordable health care depends on it — it does.


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