Vote for lawmakers who support clean energy


From: Emilie Falc


Have you spent any time outdoors this summer enjoying our beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, and creeks? What we value we work to protect.

Protecting our air and water starts with reducing pollution. Problems arise when polluters pay lobbyists to influence our state’s lawmakers, seeking profit at the expense of clean water and air. Lawmakers who depend on dollars from oil and gas industries will not work to create the policies our kids need to build a cleaner and more prosperous place to live and work for their own healthy futures.

We need to vote for state lawmakers who fundamentally share our values and will seek policies that include energy savings and state funding for carbon-free technologies like solar and wind farms and geothermal heat pumps for schools and state buildings. Solar and wind energy are less expensive than coal, including the cost to build and maintain. Why do we continue to burn up our dollars on coal?

Electing candidates for both local and federal offices who recognize the value of building cleaner energy will benefit our community and our shared destinies as Minnesotans. Learn more about candidates at and “like” our Winona CAN Facebook page to find more information.


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