As public union members, we’re supporting Kruger


From: Marilyn Ezdon

Dawn Frahm

Christina Pruka

Marilyn Ezdon, Dakota


As public union members, we are excited about Sarah Kruger’s Senate campaign. We were disappointed to learn that Senator Jeremy Miller could not find a way to vote for the public employee contracts as they were negotiated. Everybody knows there is a looming budget crisis, but spending on those contracts was already budgeted by the agencies and the unions. Rejecting those negotiated contracts — which Miller tried to do — was stopped on legal grounds by the governor’s office and the commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). If MMB and the governor had not intervened, public employees, many of whom are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, would have been the first to face cuts in our state’s financial crisis.

It seems all that Miller and the GOP are able to do is disguise their own lack of integrity by trying to weaken the governor’s administration by firing his Labor and Industry and Commerce commissioners.

Thank goodness for public unions and for work they do for Minnesota. We deserve lawmakers in St. Paul that work for Minnesota, not just for their own party. That’s why we endorse and are voting for Sarah Kruger.


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