Vote for Sarah Kruger


From: Steve Hartwick


Maybe you're old enough to recall when state attorney general, Skip Humphrey, much to the derision of the Republicans, sued the tobacco industry. The settlement he won provided for a large chunk to be used through education to deter youth from taking up the habit. This fund over the years proved irresistible to Republicans, like Governor Pawlenty, to chip away at. Now, Jeremy Miller's salve for this greed is raising the tobacco age to 21. How many people do you know who smoke began at 18 or would wait until 21 to become addicted?

In like manner, consider the environmental and resources trust fund and the Legacy Amendment that on three separate occasions the voters approved taxing and lottery proceeds for financing. The Republican leadership, including Senator Miller, are trying to redirect these funds for small town and cities to pay for waste water treatment improvements. The state traditionally bonds for projects like this and opening up funding for sewage that comes out of what is to be used for environmental projects (like bluffside trail work in Winona) makes the fund vulnerable for future raids. Help keep the varmints out of the hen house and vote for Sarah Kruger.


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