Kruger will fill the void


From: Gail and Charlie Opatz



Senator Miller seems to have lost his way in the 10 years he’s been in office. He should’ve known that constituents would eventually see that statements he makes locally often don’t match his actions in St. Paul. We don’t question his ability to introduce bills. What we question is his willingness to set aside partisanship to work for bills that benefit his district. Attacking those who call out his record of mixed messages is wrong. It’s also wrong to label his critics as extremists. His critics have simply pointed out the gap between the image he’s crafted for himself and his voting record. Facts are facts, and Miller can’t hide from them any longer. He has lost our trust.  

We often hear that Miller doesn’t fight for anything. When his legislative record is questioned, he uses Trump’s playbook of name-calling and conspiratorial accusations of a negative campaign. This is not statesmanship or leadership, and we believe that Sarah Kruger can fill the void that Miller has created. When you vote for your next state senator, remember that we need and deserve an honest broker, a leader and stateswoman. We will have one in Sarah Kruger. 


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