Matter of Faith: Part five: Soon coming sign post


From: Jamie Smith



This is most likely the final part of this series. There is much more to present but I’ll just relate one more most important tell in Scripture.

I’ve asked many people concerning the apparent delay in Christ’s return. After all, the salvation work was completed almost 2000 years ago.

No one had an adequate answer. One commentator thought that there must be more humanity needs to learn about the flesh. I’ve considered that for several years but could not buy into it. I just didn’t know other than to think that God would somehow get more glory in waiting. If He gets more glory so does the creation.

Remember how Pharaoh wanted to let the Hebrews go, but God hardened Pharaoh’s heart? Exodus 9:12: “Yet Yahweh made the heart of Pharaoh steadfast so that he did not hearken to them...”

Pharaoh would have let them go and the Hebrews could have quietly exited. The delay forced the extreme judgments to come upon Egypt. The world noticed with awe and wonder. The greater glory went toward God and Israel.

Concerning Lazarus: Mary and Martha dispatched to Jesus to tell Him of their brother’s failing health. They expected Him to drop what He was doing and come to save Lazarus before it was too late. But He did not immediately come.

John 11:4: “Yet Jesus, hearing it, said, ‘This infirmity is not to death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God should be glorified through it.’” John 11:6: “As, then, He hears that he is infirm, then, indeed, He remains in the place in which He was, two days.” He waited two days until Lazarus had died. Jn 11:14: “Jesus, then, said to them with boldness then, ‘Lazarus died.’” Healing Lazarus would have been a powerful sign with glory. Raising Lazarus from the dead was exceedingly powerful and glorious.

That is why there has been a delay in His return to us. The delay will bring the maximum amount of glory to God and to His creation. Hosea 6:2: “He shall make us alive after two days; on the third day He shall raise us up, that we may live before Him.”

As quoted in John 11:6, Jesus waited “two days” to raise Lazarus. Two days to God is two thousand years. In 2028 AD, Jesus will have waited “two days.”

What will I be doing as these times approach? I will be watching current events with a bit more interest since much must soon happen. I’ll also be going about my business as usual as time proceeds.


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