The Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center in Galesville will celebrate George Gale’s birthday on Sunday, November 7, at 1:30 p.m. with a program of tributes that will recognize the work of Kenneth Kopp, Dorothy Twesme, Elmer Petersen, Robyn Docken, and Gary Olson to form the present Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center. Masks are required of the audience. Dorothy Twesme now lives in Las Vegas, Nev. Rev. Jim Riley has completed the third chapter of a book titled “The Ever-Whirling Wheels of Change.” Lucinda Morken, who taught English at Gale College wrote the first two chapters in 1981 to give an account of Galesville University, Gale College, and Marynook House of the Lord. Riley’s chapter gives an account of the founding of the present Old Main Center. Following the program, Riley will be on hand to sign books until 3:30 p.m. The books are priced at $15 each. The proceeds will go to the elevator fund. Additional donations are appreciated. People are welcome to come and go for the signing.