Community rights author Paul Cienfuegos will present his book at Paperbacks and Pieces on Tuesday, February 7, at 3 p.m. “How Dare We? Courageous Practices to Reclaim our Power as Citizens” delves into community rights — the movement that prioritizes people’s rights. The book brims with practical approaches to solving crises, ranging from workers’ rights to catastrophic climate destabilization and salmon restoration to renters’ rights.

People who care deeply about the climate, drinkable water, breathable air, and living long and well on this planet are frustrated. They don’t feel heard at public hearings. They see their real wages nosediving as corporate leaders take personal rockets for a spin. In “How Dare We,” longtime CR educator Paul Cienfuegos explains through a collection of essays how this happened and, more importantly, how to restore rights to the people.  

Cienfuegos, based in Oregon and author and founding director of Community Rights US, is speaking at Paperbacks and Pieces (429 Mankato Avenue in Winona) as part of a Midwest book tour. The event begins at 3 p.m.

To get a feel for the topic and his speaking style, listen to this second of two interviews by Derrick Jensen: