From: WDUA  Acting President Angela Boozhoo


The Winona Dakota Unity Alliance (WDUA) is pleased to announce there have been some wonderful things happening in the community with connections to our Dakota relatives. 

The organization has been able to connect a community business, Sanborn Canoe Company, with a Dakota artist named Cole Whitehorse from the Prairie Island Reservation. The intent was to work together to design a canoe paddle with indigenous art. Please stay tuned for future information regarding this new adventure. 

The organization has also been working with the Storytelling Festival that will be taking place here in the Winona community in the year of 2022. We are working together to bring a Dakota storyteller to participate. This is a very exciting opportunity for Winona and Dakota relatives to come together to bring understanding of some Dakota culture into our community. Recently the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance met with some stakeholders in the Wacipi that takes place during the month of September at Unity Park. The gathering was canceled, but the board members and some community members got together with a Spiritual Leader, the host drum, emcee, and a member of the Honor Guard to discuss the future of the organization and Wacipi. There was amazing discussion between everyone and future plans look very hopeful for the community and our relatives to work together for a future Wacipi and educational opportunities. 

As we were able to report on earlier in the year, the sweetgrass and sage has been replanted down at Unity Park. This was done in collaboration with Prairie Island gardens and bringing the plants down from their Native garden to our Native garden, which is located at Unity Park. If you have the time to stop down at the park please do so, but be mindful of them and the sacredness they are to the Native relatives that are past, present and future. 

The Winona Dakota Unity Alliance became a member of the Winona Community Foundation and is able to take donations through their organization. This is very exciting for the WDUA as we are able to reach a wider audience through their outreach. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or becoming a member of the board for the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance, please reach out by emailing us at We are in need of people who can write grants or organize a clothing drive for the winter months to deliver to reservations in South Dakota. Pidamaya!