From: Kennedy Pierre-Toussaint and Emma Brezina, I–Design students


The Winona State University (WSU) I-Design program presents the first in-person Senior Show in three years, located at the newly established historical Laird Norton Center for Art & Design. Building bridges between education, industry and community development, the senior I–Design program is ecstatic to have its exhibition housed in this monumental home for opportunity, where the sky’s the limit.  

The shows that will be on display were created by this year's senior class in an attempt to show the evolution of their design abilities in the program. Consisting of four groups, the Senior Show challenges designers to produce a unique work, exemplifying students’ best, most creative, and conceptually compelling abilities.  

The exhibition consists of four design gallery spaces, branching off of the stunning Laird Norton vestibule. Moving in a clockwise direction, the first gallery is “Cyclepath,” followed by the neighboring room, “Moral[e],” and featured at the end of the corridor is “Phoenix Rising.” The fourth gallery space is located in the vault room, featuring “Introspection.”  

The gallery is open April 25 through May 6, Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A closing reception will be held Friday, May 6, 2022, at 12 p.m. at the Laird Norton Center, 125 West Fifth Street in Winona.

Visit the historic and elegant Laird Norton Center to experience a range of authentic and enticing works from the next generation of designers. Works range from fabric-based pieces to hand-built structures to print-based materials. Read more to learn about each exhibition that is being displayed. 

“Introspection” by Annie Triechel, Morgan Sumter, Alicia Farrell, Makenna Meyers: The past few years have been full of social distancing and an excess amount of alone time – leaving us to self-reflect on our lives and the challenges we face internally. Our group show, “Introspection,” demonstrates individual discoveries of our mindsets and how to embrace the journey toward self-worth, independence, confidence, and authenticity. 

 “Moral[e]” by Abbey Kline, Emma Brezina, Jack Baumert: The decision between right and wrong can be a unique, yet paralyzing truth to what one sees within the world around them. Our show, “MORAL[e],” is a way for each of us to reconcile the truths around us and foster the good through each of our eyes. 

“Cyclepath” by Yitong Wang, Xin He, Ken Tham: Cycles are part of a contemporary societal struggle. They are the patterns and rhythms of our daily life. “Cyclepath” illustrates people who continuously repeat cycles passed down from either their interpersonal relations, predetermined culture, or increasingly global society. 

“Phoenix Rising” by Kennedy Pierre-Toussaint, May Hayes, Abby Trask, Becca Braun and Jordan Wuensch: Reflecting on the cycle of the phoenix we are constantly challenged by the expectations of each of our lives as growing individuals. For our senior show we have each chosen to focus on one aspect of the phoenix lifecycle: survival and work, healing biases and past experiences, relationships and community, self-actualization &and optimization and transcendence and rebirth. From within the ashes of the cycle, we rise into our full potential. 

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