Thanks to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Fountain City received an Urban Forestry Grant. 

A Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grant application was awarded to the city in the amount of $5,000 to help fund the removal, repair and planting of trees throughout the city. The total cost of the project will be $10,000, with the city and Wisconsin DNR covering the balance of the costs.  

The DNR’s Urban Forestry Grant program funds projects consistent with state and national goals for increasing the urban forest canopy and the benefits it provides. The urban forest encompasses trees on public property. The priorities for the 2022 grant cycle included, but were not limited to, projects that increased the ability of local municipal partners to expand their urban forestry program; increased the ability of all local partners to provide ongoing urban forestry funding, services and/or markets; benefited multiple communities; and put existing inventories of urban trees to use.

"The city is very grateful to the Wisconsin DNR for their assistance and work in making this city even more beautiful and an amazing place to live!" Fountain City Mayor Gwen Katula said.