FRFF relocates

Frozen River Film Festival moved its office to 164 East Third Street in downtown Winona.

Frozen River Film Festival (FRFF) has moved to a new location in downtown Winona.

FRFF will be sharing space with Rethos at 164 East Third Street. Rethos is a nonprofit organization working nationwide for the use of old buildings and sites, and is the Main Street America coordinating entity for the state of Minnesota. 

As the coordinating entity for the Minnesota Main Street Program, Rethos has long-term and committed relationships with historic downtowns across the entire state of Minnesota. “With many of those programs located in Southeast Minnesota, creating the first satellite office for Rethos creates a closer proximity to our long-term partners, and offers opportunities for growth in our other programmatic areas in this region,” shared Emily Kurash Casey, rural programs manager at Rethos. 

In addition to the Minnesota Main Street Program, Rethos also offers hands-on homeowner courses, realtor education, real estate easements and tax credit programs, and policy support.

“It’s exciting to be sharing space with another nonprofit, and Emily and Rethos do such phenomenal work in our community and across greater Minnesota,” said Eileen Moeller, managing director of Frozen River Film Festival. She added, “Having a space like our new location allows [Frozen River Film Festival] to have a more visible base of operations, and eventually we will be able to host some small events here.”

FRFF will be holding an “expanded” open house in November, where visitors will be invited to stop by and say hello over the course of a couple days, to allow for safe social distancing.

Rethos is holistic in their thought and flexible in their approach. They activate space, invest in communities, and reimagine what can be. They celebrate the fundamental character of a community and the qualities that define those communities. For more information visit

Frozen River Film Festival is Minnesota’s only all-documentary film festival. Now in its 16th year, FRFF began the year with its first all-virtual festival, which streamed right into the homes of festival-goers. FRFF brings in filmmakers from around the world, and works with students on the documentary film-making process. To learn more visit