Nosh in Nashville

From left, Andrew Guzzo, president at Merchants Bank, a Nosh in Nashville lead sponsor; WAPS Superintendent Annette Freiheit; Shelley Milek, executive director of the Foundation for WAPS; and Tim Gleason, WAPS music teacher, celebrate the distribution of the record breaking Nosh in Nashville fundraising event proceeds.

The new year started with wonderful news for Winona Area Public Schools. School principals and the community preschool coordinator excitedly opened email notifications, to share with their staffs, of the Nosh in Nashville fundraising dollar amounts they will receive for music and for enrichments. Dan and Jennie Florness donated $7,000 specifically for music; and $55,990.68 was raised for enrichments and enhancements in the areas of academics, arts, activities and athletics. These funds are distributed proportionate to school and preschool population. 

Thanks to all who supported Nosh in Nashville.