Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center (HVMHC) is excited to invite the Winona community to its ice cream social and open house on Tuesday, May 30, from 4-6 p.m. at its Sarnia Street location. HVMHC is thrilled to show the updated medication clinic and expansions to the group spaces and peer support network. With the changes caused by the pandemic, HVMHC was forced to adapt its spaces to better serve the community and protect their health. This highlighted issues with its facilities, and thanks to grant funds, the renovations which were needed have been finished.  

With lessons learned during COVID, it was recognized that HVMHC had individuals filling medication boxes weekly with little to no space between fill stations, no privacy whatsoever, and that this service needed to be done in person. This prompted moves and ultimately a remodel of the original space to better accommodate any future health emergencies as well as increase privacy. Currently approximately 65-70 individuals are served weekly that need a variety of assistance in reordering medications, understanding medication orders, or maintaining medication compliance. Peer Support Network is a space for adults in the community, with a mental health diagnosis, to come spend time socializing, playing games, and relaxing in a safe, sober environment. 

“COVID showed us the importance of social connection in leading healthy lives. When we lost the ability to be together, many experienced isolation and mental health worsened.” said Deputy Director Timothy Hunter. “This recent grant opportunity has allowed us to expand services and offer a comfortable environment for anyone struggling with their mental health to be part of a community.  We have a laidback atmosphere, with regular group activities and great people available to meet and connect with.”

For more information on Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center, please visit hvmhc.org.