In response to guidance issued today from the Minnesota State Chancellor’s Office, Winona State University (WSU) will soon be requiring proof of COVID vaccination for specific student groups or weekly COVID testing in accordance with new state system requirements. WSU is reviewing new guidance and will provide campus-specific instructions as soon as possible.

Proof of vaccination will be required by October 4 for specific student groups or populations in settings where there is close and frequent contact with others. Students who choose not to provide proof of vaccination will have the option to submit to a COVID-19 test at least once a week. 

The specific student groups affected by these new guidelines include: 

  • Students who live in university residence facilities. 

  • Students participating in intercollegiate athletics consistent with NCAA-announced vaccine and testing protocols. 

  • Students who are required to, as directed by clinical or internship sites.   

In addition, WSU will be reviewing other close contact student activities to determine if additional guidance for those groups or activities is warranted. 

At this time, Minnesota State System colleges and universities are not broadly mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all students. 

WSU has offered vaccination opportunities for students and employees throughout the summer and continues to offer opportunities daily in the Integrated Wellness Complex.