Natalie Ann Hardy and Nicholas Frans Logdahl on September 26, 2020


Jennifer June Chase and Cody Thomas Hager on September 26, 2020


Zachary Ong Hing and Elizabeth Grace Prudoehl on September 26, 2020


Levi David Yoder and Edna Mae A Miller on September 30, 2020


Samuel Logan Flatten and Trista Rose Gunnarson on October 1, 2020


Ivan De Loera Viveros and Adelaida Rodriguez Mondragon on October 2, 2020


Linda Sue Duffy and Ryan Richard Knox on October 3, 2020


Kylie Ann Lemmer and Cody Robert Hundorf on September 19, 2020


Ashley Ann VonWald and Dylan Donald Hansen on September 19, 2020


Dylan Alfonso Simonic and Kaylan Rebecca Glenn on September 26, 2020


Brittnee Nicole Sanders and Justin Paul Schmitz on September 26, 2020


Paul Andrew Reuter and Brianna Julia Petrie on October 2, 2020


Courtney Rose Pfingsten and James Cleon Page on October 3, 2020


Kaylei Marie Day and William John Anderson on October 3, 2020


Ross Edward Freeman-Herdina and Jamie Nicole Ressie on October 3, 2020


Samuel James Sletten and Amy Louise Erickson on October 10, 2020


Allison Mae Emberson and Nathan Thomas Schomberg on September 12, 2020


Judy Diane Smith and Jack Phillip Ronald Kaiser on October 9, 2020


Thomas Dean Shock and Michelle Jean Trester on October 10, 2020


Lance Gregory Hofer and Carley Jo Clinkscales on October 10, 2020


Maranda Diane Hyde and Patrick James Gourley on October 10, 2020


Bruce Anthony Steingart and Anna Sammartano Curtis on October 10, 2020


Ian Thomas Schultz and Madeline Rose Beuning on October 10, 2020


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Nathan Robert Riebel and Thea Elizabeth Tietz on October 11, 2020


Jeanna Rae Eastman and Ethan Jon Bratton on October 11, 2020


Carly Ann Sherod and Alexander Louis Klagge on October 17, 2020


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Philip Andrew Klemp and Jeannie Rae Miller on October 4, 2020


Joshua Dave Steiner and Kelley Jo Trimble on October 10, 2020


Ellie Lauren Hindal and Jacob Richard Kim Wilke on October 17. 2020