Dianne Elizabeth (Carlson)

Dianne Elizabeth (Carlson) Bowman, 59, of Saratoga, Wyo., passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on July 8, 2022, in Casper, Wyo. Dianne was born on November 4, 1963, in Inglewood, Calif., to Roger A. Carlson and Julie (Guisinger) Carlson.

In 1967, Dianne moved with her father to Winona where she spent her childhood and early adulthood. During this time she was fortunate to travel with her family to Africa, Madagascar and Europe. On the safari trip to Africa at age 5, we remember her comment as she looked at the giraffes: “Look, Mom, they have makeup on.” She was always observant, curious and creative.

In 1979, Dianne moved to Wyoming to be with her mom, Julie, and graduated from high school there. She traveled the United States working as a storage unit manager and a motel/hotel manager along the way. During this time, she found her love of religion and also met her husband, Larry Bowman. They got married in Las Vegas, Nev., on June 4, 1988. From there they moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. Dianne was the loving mother to two sons, Jessie and Jarred Bowman, who unfortunately died at a very early age from muscular dystrophy.

Dianne never lost sight of her dreams through all her life’s tragedies, and after her sons’ deaths, fulfilled one of them by writing and publishing her first book, “Lost Near Eternity.” Dianne had many other artistic interests like poetry and painting. Her religious beliefs were very strong and convincing and also gave her the strength to make it through life. She knew her Bible and could quote many passages from throughout the Bible, especially the book of Acts. She earned a diploma from RHEMA Bible College. After her sons’ deaths she wrote the inspirational poem “One Thousand Years,” which was nominated for best poem of the year. This got her inducted into the International Poets Society. She was an advocate of helping others with their religion and the ravages of muscular dystrophy. Dianne was preceded in death by her two sons, Jarred and Jessie Bowman, and her father, Roger A. Carlson, and mother, Julie Carlson.

She is survived by her husband, Larry Bowman; brothers, James (Theresa) Carlson and Chris (Angie) Carlson; nephew and nieces, Brandon (Megan), Crystal and April Carlson and Jayna and Josie Carlson; stepmom, Beth (Conway) Elton, and stepsister, Lori (Fabrizio) Fabbri; and stepbrothers, Scott and Darin (Ron) Howard; many nieces and nephews; stepmom, Myra (Nustad) Carlson; Nustad stepbrothers, Eric, Tim (Deborah), and Bruce (Carissa); and many Nustad nieces and nephews.

A private memorial service will be held graveside at Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona at a later date for family and friends.