The American Dairy Association (ADA) of Winona County seeks candidates to participate in this year's dairy princess program. Dairy princesses and ambassadors serve as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry through appearances that help explain dairy farmers' passion for taking care of their animals and land, while providing nutritious food for people locally and throughout the world.

A princess candidate must be a high school graduate by July 1, but not yet 24 years old. A candidate must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Additionally, she must have a connection to dairy farming through one of four ways: 1. You or your family own and operate a dairy farm in Minnesota; 2. You or your parents work on a dairy farm in Minnesota; 3. You or your parents care for or custom raise dairy cattle for a farm in Minnesota; 4. Either you or your parents own or lease a dairy animal(s) that are housed on another dairy farm in Minnesota.  

Serving as a county dairy princess is also the first step toward potentially becoming Princess Kay of the Milky Way. Ten finalists will be selected to compete for the Princess Kay title in August. At all levels of competition, contestants are judged on their communication skills, personality, enthusiasm for dairy promotion, and general knowledge of the dairy industry. 

Senior Dairy Ambassadors are also sought and must fulfill all the above criteria with the exception of age. A senior ambassador must be between age 13 and a high school graduate.

The ADA will host a princess tea on Sunday, February 5, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. for those interested in running for dairy princess or serving as a senior ambassador. If interested in participating in this program or attending the tea, please contact Laurie Orth at 507-523-2430.

Junior Ambassadors, who are boys and girls currently in fourth grade, are also sought. If interested, please contact Laurie. Juniors will not participate in the scheduled tea event. 

The dairy princess program is sponsored by the county's dairy farmers in conjunction with Midwest Dairy's Minnesota Division and the dairy checkoff.