Chad Myers TZD award

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Already a DWI enforcement All Star 10 times over, Winona County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chad Myers recently won a statewide award for enforcing impaired driving laws and helping reduce traffic fatalities.

Winona County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chad Myers was one of 11 individuals across the state recognized by the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) program at an October conference. Myers was awarded the TZD Enforcement Star Award.

The prestigious traffic safety awards are presented annually by the Minnesota departments of health, public safety, and transportation at the annual TZD Conference. The awards recognize excellence and innovation in reducing the number of life-changing crashes and improving traffic safety on Minnesota roads. 

TZD Star Awards are presented annually to individuals and organizations in Minnesota that show excellence in TZD’s emphasis areas of enforcement, emergency medical and trauma services, education, engineering, child passenger safety, and judicial/court systems. Award recipients have shown their leadership and creative capacities in efforts to improve traffic safety throughout the state and build partnerships.

Deputy Chad Myers has been a countywide leader in driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrests almost every year since he began in law enforcement nearly 20 years ago. He is uncompromising in his fight to rid Minnesota roadways of DWI drivers. In 2021, Deputy Myers was able to secure a DWI/traffic safety grant for the Winona County Sheriff’s Office for a full-time DWI car, to which he is currently assigned.

New deputies are often paired up with Deputy Myers to watch him enforce and investigate DWIs, and his knowledge is often called upon during complex or unique DWI investigations. Deputy Myers is also an instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, a law enforcement phlebotomist, a drug recognition evaluator, and a DMT breath test operator. He's been selected as an Office of Traffic Safety DWI All-Star 10 times and has also received 10 “hat trick” awards for arresting three impaired drivers during a single shift.”

The Minnesota TZD program is an interdisciplinary partnership led by the state departments of health, transportation, and public safety. This collaboration began in 2003 and has worked to reduce roadway fatalities by 25 percent.

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