After dropping dramatically in January and February, local COVID infections are holding steady. Current infection rates are low compared to this winter’s peak, but transmission rates and hospitalization levels still qualify as “high” under a new rating system released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) alongside new mask guidelines that continue to recommend masking in Winona, Buffalo, and Trempealeau counties.

There were 142 new COVID cases in Winona County this week, compared to 130 last week. A resident in their late 90s died of the virus, the state reported last Thursday. One county resident was hospitalized in an intensive care unit for COVID this week, according to the county.

In Buffalo County, there were 21 new cases this week, down from 44 last week. One resident died of the virus, the state reported.

Trempealeau County saw 31 new infections, down 69 last week. A county resident died from COVID, the state reported Thursday.