From: David Foss


Let’s say some individuals put 5,000 parts of a 2017 Lincoln Town Car into five separate caves. They put an equal amount of these parts into caves in Russia, Africa, Australia, China and the United States. Two thousand years go by and then the caves are found. When these caves were first looked upon after so much time, which of the following would you most believe: Strong winds miraculously blew all the parts together into one of the five caves to reform the car, or, the people took the parts from the caves and reassembled the car themselves.

This example is like a drop in the ocean when we consider the vastness of God’s creation: Earth, our galaxy, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and countless other things that exist — things like you. Everything we experience is a result of God’s creation.

Ponder Genesis 1:1-2:23.